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The Colour Purple, sneaking up on me.

I was walking through my garden the other day and noticed a certain colour was making my heart sing. Confined as I am to the garden right now, due to Covid 19 finally finding me, I observed with much more detail. Just as an artist might do when looking through a viewfinder at a landscape or cityscape.

The colour catching my eye and prevalent in my garden was 'purple' in one shade or another. Of course it wasn't by accident that it was engulfing my garden plot as I had planned it that way . But nevertheless it made me stop and think. Is this colour appearing elsewhere in my life and if so, why? Sure enough I found items around my home which I had made the unconscious decision to choose in this gorgeous colour. A hairbrush, a small vase and a fascinator to name but a few.

The colour purple has many connotations as it is a mix of blue and red and it depends upon how dominant each of these colours are in the mix and also the strength of the final outcome. Strong purples are thought by many to represent leadership and authority such as it's use by Royalty while the more pale purple/blue hues are delicate and are linked to spirituality and healing. According to the site 'the color purple encourages the mind, body, and soul to live in harmony'. Well I can live with that!

My background before becoming an artist was in a therapeutic setting and I consider myself a fairly spiritual person so I guess my choosing such botanical colours begins to make sense.

So if like me you believe gardens can be 'healing' places and 'art' can be therapy, why not let the palest of purple/blue hues creep into your life! I'm sure they will continue to find their place in my artwork.

'Violet is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. This colour is known as one of the "cool" colours. It has a very calming effect on us'


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