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'Lockdown' Doesn't Have To Mean Locked Up

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping both physically and mentally well and thank you so much for subscribing to my new website. I'm afraid it still is in the development stage. You would think that at such a time as this I would have oodles of time available to sit creating here . However, like so many, time has been spent re-organising, adapting and of course helping others where possible during this unexpected crisis.

Many artists are finding that they have lost their 'Mojo' , their ability to think creatively and to pick up the brushes that for many provides their sole income. I hear through social media, and first hand, comments like "what's the point?" and "well when are people going to be able to visit galleries again". I guess this won't be exclusive to artists and other creatives. However I have also come across some brilliant entrepreneurial spirit , not least the Artist Support Pledge scheme set up by artist Matthew Burrows. Matthew saw that many artists were not going to get financial support during the Coronovirus crisis and decided to do something about it yet in the spirit of generosity. I have posted details of his story and this scheme in my ‘News’ section on my website. I recently decided to support this scheme and my painting ‘The Hidden House’(see my shop) is now available at a reduced price in keeping with the pricing policy.

I have been enjoying Studio time during this wonderful warm weather we have been having here in the U.K. and feel lucky to have my little art studio space in my garden along with my creative interest. Both have enabled me to feel like I am in another place, an escape from the routine of home. My recent paintings have been abstract and have an ethereal quality to them , no doubt as a result of this. I was watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club last night and his creative theme for the past week was ‘Fantasy’. When I saw the amazing pieces of work that people had posted in it seemed quite clear that many people are feeling that need for escapism whether it has been through creative projects, humorous social media videos or family activities. I hope you find your escapism! If you need ideas you may like to browse the links in my ‘For Artists’ page for free videos and info. In the meantime here's what I was up to yesterday, working in my garden studio!

Keep safe, Angela

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